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Whether you’re just starting out, building for the future or looking forward to putting your feet up for a well-earned break - whatever stage of life you’re in - we can help you make the most of your finances.

Everyone's different, of course, but there are some things our clients often confront that can have a significant impact on their finances. Read some examples of how we can help.



Antonio’s story

I'm pretty young and have a long way to go until I have to worry about retirement or any of that sort of thing so I'd never really thought about seeing a financial adviser.
That is until a few years ago when I turned 32 and was offered a new job. The new role came with a .......

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Michael’s story

On my 30th birthday my Dad and I went on a fishing trip. I got the surprise of my life when he pulled out a cheque for $20,000 cash and gave it to me. I was stoked - until he told me there were two conditions. He said I had to invest it, and I ....

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Rachel’s story

I was really glad we had a financial adviser last year when Jonathon got laid off at work. He'd been working for an airline for ten years but they just couldn't keep their heads above water with no one travelling. Luckily Jonathon was ....

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John’s story

We first went to see a financial adviser ten years ago. I was 45 then and I guess it had started to dawn on me that we really needed to start thinking about getting our act together financially. My parents were still alive then and, although they were getting by, they really didn't have enough to live comfortably ....

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Joseph’s story

My parents have been seeing their financial adviser, Peter, for over twenty years now and they've always tried to encourage me to go see him to try and sort out my debt. But I've never been bothered by it as I'm only 47 and I own a successful architectural firm ....

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Susie’s story

I set-up my own boutique twenty years ago and have been contributing to superannuation since it came in 1992. Anyway I'm a bit of a control freak so needless to say I want to make the decisions on how I invest my superannuation. After all it's my third biggest asset after my business and  ....

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Jo and Marie

Joe and Marie’s story

Joe was really looking forward to retiring when he turned 65 and so was I. With three kids to raise and all his long hours at work, we've spent precious little time together these past twenty years. At last we'd be able to spend some quality time together. Of course, things don't always turn out the way you plan. At 60, Joe had a nasty stroke. Thank God we had  ....

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Rebecca’s story

Ian and I have both been married before so we started off our life together a little behind the eight ball. So now even though we're both over 60, we've still got about $100,000 to pay off on our mortgage. We're not too worried about it   ....

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Louise’s story

I've never been the type to worry about the future too much but when I turned 55 last year, it dawned on me that that this is the age people start retiring. Well I love my job and I'm certainly not ready to stop working yet but it'd be great to be in a position to retire in the next ten years. So I figured it  ....

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Joan and Frank

Joan and Frank

Long gone are the days when leaving a Will was a straight forward business. Michelle and I both have children from previous marriages, so according to our financial adviser Adam, if we didn't build a proper family succession plan, it could spell trouble. On top of everything else Michelle's son Jim has a bit of a gambling problem and my daughter is going  ....

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Barbara’s story

I'm 76 now, but we began seeing our financial adviser David about 20 years ago when Jack and I started thinking about retirement. I am embarrassed to say it never really crossed our minds before that stage but as retirement loomed closer and closer, we realised we needed professional help to get ourselves on track. David was great  ....

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Gordon’s story

I'm 68 years old and retired from the bank about three years ago after 40 years of service. I originally had $320,000 in my allocated pension account but the global financial crises wiped more than 20% from my balance, leaving me with about $250,000  ....

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Ted’s story

Pam and I are in our 70s now and both in pretty good health - a bit of luck and a bit of good management. I wish I could say the same about our two kids. One's going through a nasty divorce and the other is battling heart disease. We've   ....

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